Military Apparel

Bluewater Defense takes great pride in manufacturing the highest quality military apparel and equipage in the industry. We understand that the quality of our uniform and gear will be judged by its performance in the field.


Tactical Apparel

Bluewater Defense is a seasoned manufacturer of reliable, practical, and durable tactical apparel and equipage, working with customers/operators to design and produce for specific use and environments.


Wearable Technologies

Bluewater Defense is committed to manufacturing next generation uniforms for the modern-day soldier, increasing capabilities and leveraging the latest materials and technology available.

uniform manufacturing


As a Prime Contract for the U.S. Department of Defense, Bluewater Defense has produced more than 20 million units spread across various items in multi- year contracts, including 5.8 million coats, 5.2 million combat trousers, 4.6 million duffel bags and approximately 1.0 million GEN III extreme cold weather parkas and trousers.

tactical gear manufacturing


Bluewater Defense is a trusted manufacturer of tactical apparel and equipage, providing manufacturing support for Patagonia, New Balance, Drifire, W. L. Gore, Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc., KDH Defense Systems, Inc., Protective Products Enterprises (“PPE”) and other key vendors supporting the tactical market.


Wearable Technology

Innovation is the key to our future at Bluewater Defense. We’re actively working with industry, academic and government partners to develop next-generation wearable cellular antennas to extend communications and connectivity. Our strength is our ability to “connect the past with the future” – moving information from the fabric of what we wear to the Cloud. Bluewater Defense is investing in advanced technology/people to enable it to be relevant for the next generation of manufacturing requirements.

Our Customers Benefit From


American-made. We are in the people business. We support the American worker and provide an environment of excellence to ensure we increase our capabilities.


One-stop shop. Our capabilities allow us to move from a single prototype to mass production, all under one roof.


A great place to work. We go out of our way to foster an environment where people are proud to come to work every day, have opportunities to grow, and feel integral to our success.


A cut above the rest. Our facilities are equipped with precision-cutting Gerber machines to accommodate the most sophisticated patterns and designs.


Customer-focused. We strive to meet requirements and ensure effective communication with our clients every step of the way.


Innovative. We focus on intelligent solutions and long-term strategies, not quick fixes. We consistently look to break-away from the pack and lead through innovation and strategic partnerships.


Experienced. With more than 29 years of experience mass producing apparel and equipage, we understand how to make things.


Made for all cuts. We serve a wide-range of clients from Academic R&D branches, Military Departments, and Commercial Brands.


Transparent. We are transparent in our approach, we seek to lead by doing what is right and not what is expedient.


Intelligent. We strive to be innovative and effective in our approach to problem solving. Everything starts with having a strong, dedicated team.


Standard-setting. We go to lengths ensuring our products exceed the normal standards. Our industry certifications include ISO 90001: 2008, and UL NFPA 2007.


Cost-effective. We constantly explore new ways to streamline production without sacrificing quality and service to ensure clients get the highest quality product in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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