• Jan 16,2017
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Bluewater Defense Inc.,* Corozal, Puerto Rico, has been awarded a maximum $118,695,280 modification (P00140) exercising the fourth one-year option of a one-year base contract ...
  • Dec 02,2016
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More manufacturing jobs are coming soon to America, courtesy of China. In October, Chinese garment manufacturer Tianyuan Garments Co. sealed a deal to acquire a defunct 100,000-square foot metal fabrications plant in Little Rock, Arkansas. ...
  • Nov 16,2016
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As of November 2016, SEAMS has accepted Blue Water Defense as it’s newest member. The mission of SEAMS is to promote the continued growth of the USA fashion, sewn products and textiles ...
  • Oct 11,2016
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It’s hard to teach a robot to sew. Robots are good at handling materials that are rigid and easy to lift, cut and maneuver. It’s why they’re are widely used in auto manufacturing. But it’s a different story with making clothe ...
  • Oct 06,2016
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Garment Sewing Robot
The last time a piece of technology significantly overhauled the textile industry, it was 1842 with the invention of the sewing machine. Today, robots can handle parts ...
  • Oct 05,2016
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COROZAL, PUERTO RICO–(Marketwired – Oct 3, 2016) – Bluewater Defense, Inc. (BWD) is celebrating National Manufacturing Day for the first time – an appreciation of what 12 million people around the United States demonstrate every day ...
  • Oct 04,2016
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Next Generation, Low-Profile, Lightweight Antennas Offer 200% More Coverage Using Patented, Graphene-Enhanced Technology Washington, DC-AUSA 2016 (October 4, 2016) – Bluewater Defense, Inc. and Vorbeck Materials Corp. (AUSA 2016 BOOTH#7617) annou ...
  • Aug 02,2016
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COROZAL, Puerto Rico — With official unemployment running 11.7 percent in Puerto Rico, the 523 people working in this small hill town value these jobs… Eric Spackey, chief executive of Bluewater, said he too feels pressure to keep the doors o ...
  • Aug 02,2016
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Bluewater Defense CEO Eric Spackey said the innovation might come sooner than every 18 months. “It may be 12 months or less,” he said… Read More ...
  • Jun 14,2016
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bluewater featured in manufacturing today
Bluewater Defense CEO Eric Spackey vividly recalls the difficult times the company endured five years ago. There were no large contracts in the pipeline, and the future was uncertain. “It was a very rough way to start in this business,” Spackey s ...